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Discover Carbon Footprint lowering  Solutions for a Greener and Cleaner Future

We are Passionate about integrating carbon footprint lowering products to create integrated solutions

We are very excited about all the work Ecoapps has done to bring together different solutions to lower company carbon footprints.¬

Integrate our solutions and then create computer models of the resultant solution to estimate carbon savings derived

The collaboration between carbon footprint lowering technologies and¬† environmental modelling is imperative, we need data sharing to prove these technologies are effective and human life will benefit.¬

Engine Carbon Cleaning systems

This product is an engine carbon cleaning product for use by garages and mobile motor mechanics that cleans the engine whilst it is running by using a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. This process removes all the carbon build ups in the engine and can improve engine performance and reduce engine emissions by up to 10%.

Biochar and Bassalt

with Basalt and Biochar protecting soil stability and enhanced rock weathering


Brine shrimp cultivation as a method of Carbon Capture and Sequestration (CCS) is growing in acceptance and there are some projects underway to prove this is a vaible initiative

Green Fuel Enhancing technology

By Treating The Fuel Molecules and Boost the Air Quality, products such as GREENTECH.BZ Help the Engine to Burn the Fuel More Completely! Giving more complete combustion and improving fuel consumption.

Eco Stoves

Improved cookstoves in third world countries, especially durable, portable and high efficiency. Thanks for Rocket stove Technology. Saving huge amount of fuelwood, but also reduce emissions to protect user health. (typical manufacturer SSM Eco Stoves)

Soil Sequestation

Example farms in Mogotio North of Nakuru in Kenya where 1000 acre plots (404 hectares)  can be purchased for CSR offsetting at $250 per hectare. Email our contact info and we can organise with certificate of authenticity.


Energy Saving and Carbon Emission Reducing Heating System Additive

EndoTherm is a unique, multi-award winning energy saving additive independently proven to save up to 15% on space heating energy consumption. Scalable to work in any small or large wet heating system,
EndoTherm delivers savings for both domestic and commmercial users.

Eco Apps Ongoing Projects & Initiatives

Biochar and basalt

Creating oil from brine shrimp

Smart For the Environment

Smart For Your Wallet

Integrating our solutions will save you money as well as protecting the environment.

Sunspots maxima is expected in 2025 and the jet stream is 2.5 times as fast as it was, and oceans have heated and melted the glaciers in Antarctic and Greenland. So helping
less energy to hit the already vastly overheated oceans will help by using the products and services we have outlined below.




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