GHG/PM2.5/CO2 reductions are a BIG problem around the world. What is the solution to GHG/PM2.5/CO2 reductions?  How can these problems be addressed without causing new problems?  How can they be accomplished in quantity, and be completed quickly in an affordable manner?

Poisonous emissions cause climate fears, ozone depletion, 7 million people dying early every year (with little mention of how many animals die early yearly) and other threats to our survival — so should the transition to Net Zero be a decades-long transition or a fast retrofit? Or both?


Black smoke and gasoline smell from the exhaust mean only one thing — unburned fuel.  Unburned fuel means lost power which leads to higher fuel consumption.

Exhaust systems are LOADED with devices to counter the excess emissions that only happen in this situation.  Do you know that the sole purpose of a  ‘catalytic converter’ is to burn fuel that did not burn in the engine?

By doing nothing more than making the engine burn a larger percentage of it’s fuel, engine power increases. Because less fuel is now needed for the same workload, consumption (and emissions) also reduce.

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